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Vibrational Analysis is a complimentary appointment to your Reiki Healing or Therapy sessions at Heartsbloom. This offering will help you to understand your unique Vibrational Profile so you can better understand how to harmonize your frequency. Our Vibrational consultants are certified to analyze your frequency and assist you in your healing program selection.

We start with a 50-minute intake session to understand your past and present to determine the best appropriate gemstones for your healing program. 

The process of our soul assessment happens over a several day period whereby the practitioner engages in connecting with your energy throughout various times across those days. This allows your practitioner to gather and assess all aspects of your souls life from the moment you wake up, how you engaged throughout your day up to when you sleep and even after when you are sleeping. These findings will be given to you as a 1-Page Spiritual Report along with your healing gemstone program selection.

The report will include many aspects of your spiritual journey, from a chakra and aura composition assessment, past lives review and completion, spirit animal review and support, soul strengths and weaknesses.

Your healing program selection will identity 3 options of vibrational support for your soul. When you practice with vibrational gemstones they work to harmonize your frequency and help you achieve what it is you desire in your life. Your gemstones are Tools in a Toolkit for life; each stone does a specific job for you.

We will help you to determine what stones will be most empowering in your life. As you continue in your journey, we’ll select gemstones, pendants and more that will be designed and orchestrated to manage your vibration for your current needs. 

Vibrational Analysis: 
– $920 (includes hst). 
– Includes 50-min intake session. (Value $190)
– Soul Assessment. 
– 1 page Final report of spiritual findings. 
– Minimum 3 Healing Program options that included vibrational gemstones to match your vibrational analysis. Kindly note upon selection of your package the gemstones are additional. 

The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.


Here are some things we might run into that Vibrational Analysis can support in making positive life-altering changes;

Stress management – Anxiety – Depression – Finding forgiveness ­– Headaches ­– Helplessness – Insomnia – Jealousy – Self-confidence – Healing from a break-up – Loss & grief – Finding trust again – Emotional eating – Negative thoughts – Lack of ambition – Breaking bad habits – Fears & phobias – Weight loss ­– Career success – Concentration – Public speaking – Control food cravings – Exam anxiety – Nail biting – Perfectionism – Spiritual exploration – Increase spiritual connection

Whatever your needs may be, we are here to support you every step of the way! – Heartsbloom 

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