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Welcome to Heartsbloom!
We’re a boutique clinic in the heart of the Danforth. A small team with Big Hearts
and we wanted to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and say hi!

The team here at Heartsbloom truly care for all of our clients and are committed to your well-being – going above and beyond to help you through your life’s challenges. The intention here is to inspire, engage and reopen the discussion of self-healing that refreshes and invigorates our relationship with our mind, with our body, and with our heart.

We are here to support you every step of the way and look forward to working with you!


Founder & Clinical Director

Tihana Deanovic is a compassionate individual with a passion to work with people to improve their health and wellness. She uses an integrative and strength-based approach that looks at behavioural, psychological, diet, nutrition, and mindfulness-based techniques from a holistic context — providing strong emotional support and empathy to clients in a safe environment. 


Naturopathic Doctor & Reiki Master

Taylor is an empathetic and effective practitioner who is passionate about inspiring individuals to become the best version of themselves. His mission is to help others overcome their struggles and achieve a level of health they previously thought was unattainable. Building a strong foundation of trust and security is paramount in Taylor’s healing relationships with his patients. He firmly believes that feeling safe and secure is essential to embarking together on the healing journey.


Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Hypnotherapist

Adina is a straight forward, warm and compassionate somatic therapist, dedicated to helping her clients improve their well-being and feel better. Adina works from a trauma informed lens to bring out the repressed emotions that are the source of most clinical symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, anger and escapism, etc. Adina works from a non-judmental place, and this means that she recognizes that most negative emotions and thought pattern occur when the individual is fragmented or separated from their true sense of self. 


Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Charmin Charania is an empathetic and compassionate qualifying psychotherapist who approaches therapy through a holistic, culturally responsive, and trauma informed lens. She believes in each person’s capacity to make meaningful changes and reach their full potential. She provides a safe and non-judgemental space that is transparent to foster esteem, growth, and self-awareness. Charmin recognizes the uniqueness of each person, which allows her to integrate various therapeutic approaches to collaboratively establish a plan that is tailored to the client’s needs and goals.


Psychotherapist & Social Service Worker

Kate Drohan is a warm, passionate, and dedicated Psychotherapist & Registered Social Service Worker with the O.C.S.W.S.S.W. With over 10 years experience in the field she approaches therapy through a holistic and integrative lens that works with each client’s strengths. She believes that the client is the expert about their own life, and she is there to help guide them on their therapy journey. The most important aspect of Kate’s philosophy is to customize the treatment plan to each client’s unique needs and goals by drawing on many different therapeutic modalities.


Psychotherapist, Social Worker & Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Raysha is a compassionate and empathetic Social Worker and Certified Nutritional Practitioner. When working with individuals, she considers all the biological, psychological, emotional and social factors that play a role in their well-being. Using a step-by-step approach, she works collaboratively with individuals to help them feel, look and perform at their best so that they can lead the rich and meaningful life that they want.


Registered Reiki Master Practitioner

Atoosa is a naturally gifted reiki master energy healer. With a compassionate understanding that everything is energy and a passion to help people heal through energy healing. As a professional healer for over 20 years she works with higher consciousness to help heal the challenges and obstacles you are faced with in your life. Using the four pillars of health addressing each person as a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual person — Atoosa believes anything is possible.


Based on 44 reviews
Vin Hepburn
Vin Hepburn
Thank you times a billion. This is a positive environment this is the BEST service , they actually care for your well being. Pure real Thank you I wish I saw this earlier in my life. Please support these incredible people.
Romina Mollo
Romina Mollo
I had the opportunity to have a great reiki session with Tihana Deanovic. Thank you so much!
Ruqayyah K-J
Ruqayyah K-J
Something was calling me to give Reiki a try and I am definitely fortunate to have tried it with Tihana. Firstly, this was my first ever Reiki, I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought you needed to be touched in order for the healer to tap into your aura. Little did I know, that is not necessarily the case. Tihana’s method didn’t require any physical contact. Secondly, I’m very grateful to have stumbled upon Heartsbloom. By my second session I was in better state of spiritual clarity but also a put into a more inquisitive one and by the third session I started to experience a deeper spiritual shift. Still a long ways to go, but I fully recommend Heartsbloom with Tihana, Experience it at-least once.
Kimberley Lifeso
Kimberley Lifeso
I came to Tihana for help with some issues that had come up for me because of the pandemic. She met me where I was and tailored her approach to only what I was open to. Her warm, accepting vibe put me right at ease, and made working together really comfortable. I've benefited so much from our sessions--thank you Tihana!
Kaleigh Sutton
Kaleigh Sutton
Tihana has helped me so much through my grief after losing my partner. My first reiki session she told me my spirits were pumping me up with energy and when I left I felt so energetic. I highly recommend.
Everyone needs Heartbloom in their life! I have Tihana as a therapist. Her energy and aura is amazing to work with. I was open to talking to her from the moment I met her. She was truly meant to heal. The services at Heartbloom are like no other I have seen under a wellness studio. I see her next for reiki and I am so excited to start that too! I am truly blessed to have found her. Thanks so much Tihana on helping me navigate life.
Heidi C
Heidi C
Tihana I can say is a very kind and gentle soul she really listens to you and she is very patient her work is amazing and I can say the reviews speaks for itself I highly recommend her! Always have her clients best in mind I just keep coming back because she doesn't make me feel like a customer but a friend ❤