With You Every Step of the Way

We realize that no two people are the same and as such tailor our therapy to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, nutrition or any other issue, we will help you recognize underlying problems, fully realize your strengths and adjust certain behaviours and thoughts to see your life in a different and healthier way. 

Our wellness studio specializes in treating individuals with an arsenal of tools from modern western science to ancient eastern wisdom where we offer comprehensive services that deal with the below services. Take a look and let us know if you have any questions. Remember, we’re with you every step of the way!

Our Wellness Approach

Heal the Mind

Sessions: 30/60/90/120 min

Nourish the Body

Sessions: 30/60/80 minutes

Transform the Heart

Sessions: 60/90/120 minutes

Heartsbloom Services


Quality Care


Happier, Healthier You

Kids Play & Art Therapy

Blissful Minds

Nutrition Therapy

Food and Our Moods

Naturopathic Medicine

Deep Nourishment

Heart Centred Therapy

Heal, Grow & Bloom

Spiritual Wellness

Awaken Your Soul

Past Life Regression

Deep Inner Work

Reiki Healing

Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Chakra Balancing

Restores Equilibrium

Mindfulness Based-Therapy

Inhale & Exhale

Therapy For Teens

Inspired & Motivated