108 Healing Heart Yoga Meditation Mala beads

108 Healing Heart Yoga Meditation Mala beads


Our Rosewood mala beads are individually handcrafted using high-quality materials with some slight variations in the grain of the bead it’s a beautiful accent piece that can be worn or used
in your self-care healing practices.

108 Healing Heart Yoga Meditation Mala beads

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Rosewood is a very special and rare wood that is considered holy and prized in southeast Asia. It is know to help facilitate calmness and promote healing, self-love and inner peace. A
wonderful manifesting too to bring your desires, dreams and pursuit of healing into fruition.

Blue Stone: Blue Agate,

Pink Stone: Rose Quartz, also known as the stone of “Universal Love” promotes self-love, emotional healing, and inner peace.

Brown Stone: Tiger stone, also known as the “Stone of Courage” encourages you to live boldly and to be persistent when faced with fear or difficulty.


There are 108 beads within traditional mala beads for the purpose of reciting an affirmation, mantra or prayer each time you move your fingers along the beads. 108 signifies spiritual
completion and connects us to ourselves and to the world around us.
Pick an affirmation you would like to focus on in your meditations, close your eyes, and begin reciting it until you reach the end.
If you’re not sure where to start, let’s chat with someone from the Heartsbloom Studio to get you started on your self-healing practices. We’d be happy to connect with you on a free 15-minute consultation

Contact: https://heartsbloom.com/contact/

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Rosewood and Rose Quartz, Rosewood and Blue Agate, Rosewood and Tigers Eye


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