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Livia Theriault BSc

Reiki Practitioner

Livia is a compassionate, analytical, and curious Reiki Practitioner. She is passionate about connecting people with universal life force energy to help heal them in the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions, for their highest and greatest good. Her purpose, and North Star, is to help people balance and manage their energy to ensure a solid foundation in which to grow their capacity to live their best life, to thrive, and to all feel and be more of love.

Livia studied Environmental Science at the University of Guelph, majoring in Physical Geography, and minoring in Biotic Systems. Protecting the health of our environmental ecosystems which we are interdependent on to thrive as people on this planet is something that has been, and still is, a significant value in her life. She has over 15 years of experience analyzing, processing, refining, and extracting insights from 3D laser mapping sensors that mapped the natural and human-made surface of Earth; and has traveled internationally to train clients in both small and large groups.

She started to shift her interests from the macro scale of sustainability and protection to a more micro scale system on the level of individuals. After Livia experienced some challenges with upholding healthy boundaries in various areas of her life, and struggles both speaking and living her truth, she embarked on a journey of self-improvement with the help of a coach and a like-minded community. Working through these obstacles, she sincerely wanted to help and be of service to others and studied to become a Reiki Practitioner.

Livia’s main treatment modality is both Distance and In-person Reiki Healing. Her therapy passions land heavily in energy management, healthy boundaries, and living in integrity with our values. Livia is currently training to be a future Divine Feminine Energy Coach, and plans on offering this modality in the future.

Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, Meditation Therapy, Breathwork 

50 MIN SESSiON: $100 | 80 MIN SESSiON: $160

IN PERSON SESSIONS: Saturdays (12pm to 4pm)
IN PERSON SESSIONS: Wednesdays (6pm to 10pm)



We can work towards our goals and desires with intentions and aligned actions in order to expand our capacity to hold more abundance, which also means we will grow our capacity to recover from setbacks with more ease and resilience.


When I look at people, I also see the child version of them that deserves love and understanding.


Amazing coffee and tea, in a relaxing and beautiful cafe somewhere. Let me know if you know a place like this!


“The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”
Being of service to others, and feeling like I belong in a heart centered community.



Based on 42 reviews
Romina Mollo
Romina Mollo
I had the opportunity to have a great reiki session with Tihana Deanovic. Thank you so much!
Ruqayyah K-J
Ruqayyah K-J
Something was calling me to give Reiki a try and I am definitely fortunate to have tried it with Tihana. Firstly, this was my first ever Reiki, I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought you needed to be touched in order for the healer to tap into your aura. Little did I know, that is not necessarily the case. Tihana’s method didn’t require any physical contact. Secondly, I’m very grateful to have stumbled upon Heartsbloom. By my second session I was in better state of spiritual clarity but also a put into a more inquisitive one and by the third session I started to experience a deeper spiritual shift. Still a long ways to go, but I fully recommend Heartsbloom with Tihana, Experience it at-least once.
Kimberley Lifeso
Kimberley Lifeso
I came to Tihana for help with some issues that had come up for me because of the pandemic. She met me where I was and tailored her approach to only what I was open to. Her warm, accepting vibe put me right at ease, and made working together really comfortable. I've benefited so much from our sessions--thank you Tihana!
Kaleigh Sutton
Kaleigh Sutton
Tihana has helped me so much through my grief after losing my partner. My first reiki session she told me my spirits were pumping me up with energy and when I left I felt so energetic. I highly recommend.
Everyone needs Heartbloom in their life! I have Tihana as a therapist. Her energy and aura is amazing to work with. I was open to talking to her from the moment I met her. She was truly meant to heal. The services at Heartbloom are like no other I have seen under a wellness studio. I see her next for reiki and I am so excited to start that too! I am truly blessed to have found her. Thanks so much Tihana on helping me navigate life.
Heidi C
Heidi C
Tihana I can say is a very kind and gentle soul she really listens to you and she is very patient her work is amazing and I can say the reviews speaks for itself I highly recommend her! Always have her clients best in mind I just keep coming back because she doesn't make me feel like a customer but a friend ❤